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Please see below for a select of our clients

Please Click on the web address to visit their website:


Network Telecom -

A leading national telecommunications company based in Telford

Veterinary Benevolent Fund -

Major UK charity that supports veterinary professionals


A leading international renewable energy consultancy company

Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre -

A UK charity dedicated to the welfare of racehorses

Gerald Sables Photography -

Gerald specialises in stunning landscape photography and works alongside Frazzle producing Christmas cards and graphics

Lavender Pillow -

The lavender Pillow shop is run by Bazz & Rose Cooper based in Mevagissey in Cornwal they are stockists of Frazzle's ZodicatZ range of stationery

Rosy Greaves Photography -

My personal photography website where you can view examples of my photographic work

Cavalier Matters -

Cavalier Matters campaigns to raise awareness of hereditary health issues in  Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Also campaigns against ‘Puppy Farming’

Friends Of The Animals (FOTA) -

National UK charity which helps to re-home animals and also provides veterinary care.

UK Ragdoll Cat Community U.K.R.C.C. -

The UK Ragdoll cat charity which campaigns on behalf of the Ragdoll cat breed.

Veterinary Business Development Ltd (VBD) -

Publishers of ‘Veterinary Times’, ‘Veterinary Nursing Times’ & ‘Veterinary Business Journal’.

Jonathan Kelly Website -

Website for the legendary Irish born Singer Songwriter.

Doncaster CAMRA -

Follow the adventures of Frazzled Cat’s ‘Captain Sprotboro’ in Doncaster Campaign For Real Ale Magazine

Patch Adams -

This is the site of our very good friend Doctor Patch Adams, the famous US doctor played in the film by Robin Williams. We try to support his charity work wherever it's possible  & ask that you might do the same!

Patch Adams by Frazzle